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BetterUp Uplift 2024

Apr. 2024

Today, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Chief Impact Officer (CIO) of BetterUp, hosted an insightful conversation with CHRO’s at BetterUp’s Uplift Summit in San Francisco. He was joined by organizational psychologist and BetterUp’s Chairman of the Center for Purpose & Performance, Dr. Adam Grant and Cisco’s Chief People Officer, Kelly Jones. This year’s summit, which centered on courageous leadership, provides a unique forum for C-suite leaders, business executives, and HR professionals and advocates. 

The session, Beyond Burnout: Transforming C-Level Stress Into Strength, examines how C-level leaders manage the unique pressure of their roles, build resilience, and foster a culture that supports sustainable performance. The trio dove into the psychological toll of leading through uncertainty, sharing personal anecdotes, evidence-based practices, and forward-thinking policies aimed at helping leaders thrive amidst the pressures of today’s world and modern corporate life.